Sunday, March 22, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mini Metal Foundry

           Recently, I saw Grant Thompson(AKA The King of Random) 's mini-metal foundry. The profect was to cool to pass up on, so, I made one and was pretty pleased with the results. Following, is documentation I did in the form of pictures and a video. 

Actually, the green foam didnt work but the picture 
was a good way to explain the parts of a casting model.

The final product, a necklace made completely out of soda 
cans includig the soda can tabs(Also from Grant). Learn more at

Friday, December 12, 2014

Homemade AC ARC Welder | Complete

I just finished my ARC welder and, I'm super exited! Since the last post I've

,added ventilation holes

,installed the second re-wired MOT

,added a hunk of foam from a couch to cut down on noise

and last of all, I added some stickers.

I can't wait to use it on some projects I'm working on !

To make this project, I followed the MOT ARC welder tutorial series from and the MOT 
re-wiring video series from 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homemade AC ARC Welder

Recently I've been working on an AC ARC Welder. I've been using a video from for basic instructions and the MOT salvage tutorial series from

Following are some pictures and explanations.

This is what I have completed at the moment.

These are my homemade copper lugs.

This is my homemade clamp.

The stinger attached to a 5ft length  8 gauge hookup wire.

My rewired secondary.(16 turns of 8 gauge hookup cable)

With the homemade case.

 I currently only have one MOT that is the right size. I have another but, It is to small.

WARNING do not attempt to build this without proper electrical experience.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

10/2/2014 Projects Update

Soooo..... It's been awhile since my last post and I thought I should do an update on the 2 projects I've been working on.

First of all, I've been making allot of progress with Z3US. I've replaced the NXT used as a head with an EV3 and I've been programming the EV3's via Daisy Chaining :)

Second, I've  started building a powered Exoskeleton! So far I've only been buying necessary parts and not actually started putting them together. My plan is to build  just one exoskeleton arm and get it working then do the other arm. 
The exoskeleton will only power the  upper-body (arms). It'll be powered by electric linear actuators and the expected total power (including my own) is about 200 pounds of weight I will be able to lift.
I've already spent about $300 USD on parts! I'd better finish this one!


Monday, June 23, 2014

NXT Joystick Remote Control

Here is an NXT Joystick Remote Control I made for Z3US . It uses an EV3 large motor , an EV3 small motor and an EV3 touch sensor . Below are a few photos :)

A Special Thanks #2

I recently received a brand new EV3, a whole bunch of LEGO keychains, 20 sheets of LEGO MINDSTORMS stickers,  a T-shirt and a awesome letter from a member of the LEGO MINDSTORMS team.
I would like to thank the LEGO MINDSTORMS team and Marc-Andre-Bazergui (a.k.a Bazmarc) for the help :)